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    Every Morning, Wichita Wakes Up
    A Little Cleaner

Commercial Janitorial Services in Wichita, KS Since 1978

Professional janitorial services and commercial cleaning in Wichita since 1978.

Tomorrow begins for your business at five o'clock this afternoon.

Businesses are like the buildings that house them. They are either built and maintained, or they are built and then allowed to decline. Wilson Building Maintenance, Inc. specializes in professional janitorial cleaning services of scope and sophistication. We’re in the business of maintaining business images, of restoring buildings to a high standard of order, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal. Every day your business is either gaining or losing stature. You are either adding luster to its image, or inevitably you’re watching it decline.

Nothing stays the same. Dust never sleeps, and every evening you must prepare to meet a new business day.

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