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    About Us

Commercial Office Cleaning in Wichita - About Wilson Building Maintenance

Almost 40 years of commercial office cleaning, one office at a time.

It seems like yesterday we were a one-woman, one-client business.

Today, Wilson Building Maintenance can claim as its clients some of the midwest’s largest and most prestigious businesses. In the beginning, we served only one client, for $750.00 a month, while we attempted to service a much greater debt.

While our fortunes have improved and base of operations has expanded, we have not forgotten the clients who stood by us through the years of our early growth. We continue to serve them with enthusiasm and zeal for detail indistinguishable from that we offer our newest or largest customers. As we indeed strive to serve every client, old and new, large and small.

We’ve been thinking about tomorrow for over 35 years.

Time was, Wilson Building Maintenance had but one employee, and she knew at first hand the business end of mops, brushes and brooms. Now, our first employee is our president, and there are almost 200 other Wilson employees, virtually all of them full-time workers. They constitute the most experienced, most loyal maintenance work-force in Wichita.

img Throughout its growth and maturity, the company has taken seriously the responsibilities of corporate citizenship. From the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, Wichita Rotary Club, Youth Entrepreneurs to the Wichita River Festival, Wilson has tried to serve the greater good in volunteerism and philanthropic support of worthy causes in Kansas.

We live here too, and we want our customers, our business colleagues, and our neighbors to take us at face value. At five o’clock this afternoon Wilson Building Maintenance, Inc. will be waiting to help you make the most of tomorrow.

Face value today & tomorrow


To be recognized as the standard for excellence in the markets we serve and by our employees, customers and vendors by providing quality services, solutions and concepts


Wilson Building Maintenance, Inc. is a privately held corporation with the primary mission to provide quality service and innovative solutions with respect to selected phases of facility maintenance.


We believe in: Ethical and honest behavior in all transactions. Diligence and a sense of urgency regarding our customers. Continuously improving to enhance customer satisfaction. Treating all employees with respect. Development and enhancement of deserving employees. Generating profit to secure a future for our owners and employees. Contributing to our community through responsible citizenship and service.